Biden should do a drug test before debating


President Donald Trump has made a strange demand before the presidential debate in the US. Said - Democrat candidate Joe Wyden should have a 'drug test' before or after this date.

Biden has the upper hand in the presidential election to be held on November 3. Biden is being told further in all the surveys. This is why Trump is trying to tarnish Biden's image to win again.

Trump has challenged Biden to get a checkup through his latest tweet. He said, 'I demand that a sleepy Biden be tested. I am ready for this too. I am committed to ensuring all kinds of transparency. Trump has not provided any evidence regarding his claim but says that drug tests will reveal Biden's discrepancy.

Trump has been wanting to make the point in people's minds that Biden is not fit to be President in terms of health. Don't know how many times

Biden sleepy and has always been sleepy and lazy. A few days ago, he said that Biden's mental condition is not good.

 Trump wrapped Biden's son :

Reporters at the White House in the conversation, Trump alleged that Biden's son Hunter took Russia and China has acquired a huge amount. He said, "It is hard to believe that no one is questioning the issue of taking money from China and Russia."

According to the Senate Republican report released last week, during Biden's vice-presidential term, Hunter received a large sum of money from Elena Beturina, wife of the former mayor of Moscow. The Biden family has also collected considerable money from Chinese citizens.

Despite such reports, the mainstream media is silent. He said that if we have a fair and reliable media, it will be the biggest news to remember for many years.

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