Fan mask will prepare for Olympics


The Olympic Association of India (IOA) will use battery-powered masks as a test to ensure rigorous practice for its players in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics.

This mask has been prepared by alumni of IIT Kharagpur and it has been claimed that its wearer gets maximum oxygen. The mask will have valves for breathing on both sides, which have fans, which will help provide more oxygen.

IOA has tied up with Piyush Aggarwal of IIT Kharagpur, the owner of PQR Technology Private Limited, and has also received money from the government under the armor mask project. IOA Secretary General of Rajeev Mehta said that the battery-powered masks will first be tested on some players who are preparing for the Tokyo Olympics.

With this, all the players and others participating in the Olympics will also use it after getting approval from the IOA Medical Commission. If players feel comfortable, we will initially order 1000 masks. We are hoping to initially give 10-15 players masks for the trial. We will start the trial within 10 days.

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