Astronauts selected for Gaganyaan complete training in Russia

All four Indian astronauts selected to go into space under the Gaganyaan mission have completed one year of training in Russia. An agreement was signed between the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and Russian launch service provider Glavkosmos for the training of astronauts in June 2019.

 Those taking 

the training include a group captain and three wing commanders of the Indian Air Force. Let us tell you that this training started on February 10, 2020, but it was stopped for some time due to the Corona epidemic. After returning from Russia, all of them will receive training from the Training Module designed by the Space Research Organization (ISRO).

There will

 be three main parts of training in India. There will be one module on the entire project, one module for crew members, and one module on flight hardware and software. After completion of training, these four astronauts will be sent to space via Gaganyaan. Air Force officers have been trained to adapt to the conditions of space in Russia.

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