H1B visa ban verdict stopped


A federal judge has stayed the order of US President Donald Trump banning the issuance of other employment visas, including Achab. The court said in the order that the President took this step beyond his constitutional rights.

The verdict is considered a big relief for Indian IT professionals. In fact, if companies doing business in America want to give jobs to a foreigner, then an employee can work in a company in America only with an Achabi visa. A large number of IT professionals from India go to the US to work with Achabi visas.

The federal judge's ruling differs from an order given in August by District District Judge Amit Mahato of Columbia, in which he said the right to rescind the ban from the case being considered.
Northern District of. District Judge Jeffrey White of California issued the order on Thursday.

The federal judge said in a 25-page order, "In the case of immigration, the delegation of Parliament does notification give the right to the President to set domestic policy for the employment of non-immigrant foreigners." The court said that Article-1 of the Constitution and the legislative system which has been going on for two hundred years.

Tradition and judicial policy make it clear that the Constitution is vested in the Parliament and not the President with the power to make immigration policies.

A government order was issued in June: Trump issued a government order in June, temporarily banning H-1B visas and other visas issued to foreigners including H-2B, J&L visas by the end of this year.

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