Brain Teaser: Find the odd one YouTube logo in 5 seconds

In today's challenge, we are here for you with a new Brain Teaser Puzzle Challenge. In this picture, there are many YouTube logos and out of these, a logo is different from others. If you can spot the odd one out from the image in 5 seconds then you will be the winner of this challenge.

This picture is crazy viral on social media handles. Before starting this challenge, keep in mind that you do not have to take anyone's help. If you find the solution after 5 seconds, you will lose this challenge, so before starting we advise you to go through the image carefully because you have a few seconds.

Are you ready for this Brain Teaser challenge? Yes

Get Ready

Your 5 seconds time starts now




Hurry up 2 seconds left!

Did you see the odd one logo? Yes

Many congratulations to those who found the odd one YouTube logo and those who are still trying to find it can see its solution in the image below. 

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