Punjab: Order of the Forum, City Council to deposit the entire amount with 9% interest in 1 month

Fazilka | The Ferozepur Prevention Commission, in one of its orders given this month, has directed Fazilka City Council to return the total amount deposited by the consumer in lieu of the plot located at Dhobi Ghat, along with interest, within a month. It has been told in the order that the consumer Dinesh Kumar had obtained a plot of Nagar Parishad Fazilka, which was located in Dhobighat, by open bidding in 2012 for Rs 4,70, 100 and he had also deposited the money. The allegation of the consumer was that the Municipal Council had said at the time of open bidding that whoever would get the total amount in lieu of the plot, the Municipal Council would demarcate and register the plots located at Dhobighat. Along with getting it done, the possession of the plot will also be given to the bidder, while the consumer Dinesh Kumar, through his advocate Rajendra Sachdeva, lodged a complaint with the Consumer Commission.

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