Friday, 2 October 2020


Reliance Life Sciences has developed an RT-PCR kit to check for corona infection, which will yield results in about two hours. Company sources gave this information.

Currently, it takes about 24 hours for the results of an RT-PCR kit to test for corona infection. In this, the nucleic acid present in the corona is identified in real-time in the laboratory. Reliance Life Sciences Mukesh Ambani is a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited.

Sources in the company said that the scientists have prepared this Aarti PCR kit after analyzing 100 more genome sequences from the coronavirus in India. The IT PCR kit is considered to be the most accurate test for corona infection. Sources said that Reliance scientists have named it R Green Kit. It has received technical recognition from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for satisfactory performance. The ICMR accreditation process neither approves nor approves the design of the kit.

At the same time, it does not prove to be compatible with its use. This kit can capture E-genes, R genes, and RDRP genes of the coronavirus.

Reliance prepared corona test kit, results will be available in two hours

Thursday, 1 October 2020


Many vaccines and treatments are currently being researched at a rapid pace throughout the world in an attempt to find a bite of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Researchers engaged in this exercise have shown a new hope for the treatment of corona sufferers in the antioxidant enzyme called catalase. 

He says that such a possibility has been found in this enzyme, which can be used to produce affordable medicine for corona sufferers. This drug can prevent the replication of this deadly virus in the body. This virus infects cells through its ability.

Catalase originates naturally and is used by humans, animals and plants. Production and supplementation of food items commonly around the world.
According to a study published in the journal Advanced Materials, this antioxidant enzyme inside cells splits hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. If not, hydrogen peroxide can be toxic.

Yunfeng Lu, the lead researcher at the University of California, USA, said, "At present, there is a lot of focus on vaccines and antiviral drugs in the world." Meanwhile, our study shows that this enzyme can develop a highly effective treatment for hyper inflammation caused by corona.

Antioxidant enzyme expected to treat corona


Nepal, which is fueling the dispute on the basis of false facts, is constantly trying to increase tension on the border. Within a week, after opening six border outposts (BoPs) and deploying two battalions in Baitari, Kanchanpur, and Chhangroo districts of Nepal adjoining Pithoragarh and Champawat in Uttarakhand, it is now planned to deploy trained troops from China. All these young m
en in modern weaponry will be successful. They will also be provided with rocket launchers and mortars as well as modern drones.

According to security agencies, a special Chinese squad is training Nepal Armed Forces personnel to be deployed on BP adjoining Uttarakhand. They have modern weapons as well as drone operations information of this is also being given. At the end of October and the first week of November, trained soldiers will be posted in the border BP as per the plan. The maximum number of will remain in Chhangaru Battalion. From here they will be able to keep an eye on the movement of the Indian Army in Kalapani. Nepal's intention is to monitor every border movement. This is why preparations are on to increase the number of Nepalese Armed Forces personnel in the battalion stationed at Chhangru.
Strategically, Chhangru is considered very important for Nepal. Here he has already prepared the helipad. Construction of permanent cantonment is also going on fast. Preparations are inaugurated before December.
Knowledge of India-Nepal relations
Yashoda Srivastava points out that the two countries have had traditional relations for decades, but have deteriorated during the current Nepali government. Now Nepal's growing proximity to China is going to worry India.

Nepali soldiers trained from China will take charge of BOP

Sunday, 27 September 2020


32 provinces including the capital Tehran in Iran facing the third round of the Corona epidemic have been identified as Red Zone. Corona outbreaks are growing at these places. In this West Asian country so far, about four and a half lakhs have been found infected and more than 25 thousand victims have died.

Health Ministry spokesperson Seema Sadat Lari said in regular interaction with reporters on Monday that 3,362 new cases were found in the last 24 hours. More than 3,500 new infected were found on Friday. For the first time, such a large number of new victims were found on Friday after the onset of the epidemic in the country in February.

Last week, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamnai said in a television address, "It is not fair to underestimate Corona". While President Hassan Rouhani has also instructed people to follow the guidelines. He has clearly stated that the solution to the prevention of this epidemic

Is in your own hands. The first round epidemic in Iran began last February. Then this country was hit by another round of epidemic in summer. After this, there was a decline in the number of new cases and deaths, but at the beginning of September, there was a jump again.

Iran, 32 provinces in the Red Zone, vulnerable to third round corona epidemic

Thursday, 24 September 2020


The Olympic Association of India (IOA) will use battery-powered masks as a test to ensure rigorous practice for its players in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics.

This mask has been prepared by alumni of IIT Kharagpur and it has been claimed that its wearer gets maximum oxygen. The mask will have valves for breathing on both sides, which have fans, which will help provide more oxygen.

IOA has tied up with Piyush Aggarwal of IIT Kharagpur, the owner of PQR Technology Private Limited, and has also received money from the government under the armor mask project. IOA Secretary General of Rajeev Mehta said that the battery-powered masks will first be tested on some players who are preparing for the Tokyo Olympics.

With this, all the players and others participating in the Olympics will also use it after getting approval from the IOA Medical Commission. If players feel comfortable, we will initially order 1000 masks. We are hoping to initially give 10-15 players masks for the trial. We will start the trial within 10 days.

Fan mask will prepare for Olympics

Monday, 14 September 2020


The N95 mask is being used extensively to protect against the coronavirus (COVID-19). Health workers are especially using this mask, but it is getting scarce when demand increases. In such a situation, a new way has been devised on how to use the N95 mask in a non-infectious manner.

Researchers say that N95 masks can be de-transitioned through heating in high humidity. The factor's ability to filter will also not be affected.

According to researchers at the US Stanford University and the University of Texas Medical Branch, a new way of de-infecting the N95 mask by combining heat and humidity has been invented. Mask in this manner, the SARS-CoV-2 virus implicated in can be inactivated.

This virus causes COVID-19. Stanford University researcher Steven Chu said, 'This is a problem'. If you can find a way to use the mask a few dozen times, then it can solve the problem of shortage. ' In a study published in the journal ACS Nano, researchers reported that humidity was tried with a heating method to de-transition the N95 mask.

In this process, the N95 mask was heated to about 30 minutes at a temperature of 25 to 95 ° C with 100% humidity. Due to high humidity and heat, there was a significant decrease in the amount of virus in the mask.

N95 masks will be able to get rid of infection in a new way

Wednesday, 9 September 2020


No matter how big the crisis is, there are some possibilities within it. The country's financial institutions and banks are also exploring the same possibilities in the challenging environment of the Corona era. At present, the financial services sector is seeing new opportunities to expand services among economically weaker sections and in rural areas.

Large banks such as State Bank of India (SBI) are offering financial services to customers in their homes. As of now, insurance companies clipping the coverage of the pandemic are competing to launch insurance products for COVID-19.

RBI has recently identified a new vertical of its 8,000 branches, which will serve only small units, small farmers. So far SBI Special banking only for a foreign business or big corporate

The branch has to be opened. SBI Chairman Rajneesh Kumar says, "New opportunities for the financial sector 1. have just begun. In the coming days, a large section of society will need new types of financial products. We are ready to provide banking services to customers' homes not only in cities but also in villages.

Similarly, MD and CEO of Bandhan Bank told Dainik Jagran, "After Kovid, we see more opportunities in rural India. Demand for small home loans in rural areas can come in a big way. Plan to provide home loans up to five lakh rupees easily.

Financial companies are now looking for new opportunities in the Corona era